Canning Water Utility

Village of Canning

Kings County, Nova Scotia

Application for
Water Rate Amendments
October 2009

In the matter of an application of the
Village Commissioners of Canning,
on behalf of its WATER UTILITY,
for Approval of Amendments to its
Schedule of Rates and Charges for
Water and Water Services

Order:  2009 NSUARB 176

       Date                  Title

       2009 Jul 06    Application - Seeking guidance from the Board
                      in a matter relating to the depreciation
                      of water utility assets

       2009 Aug 17    Letter of Support

Source: Utilities and Review Board, Halifax
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Canning Water Rates, 2011
Canning Water Rates, 2008
Canning Water Rates, 2004
Canning Water Rates, 2003

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